Fun Family Camping Games: No Prep Ideas for Kids and Adults

Looking for ways to keep everyone entertained on your next camping trip? I’ve rounded up my favorite fun camping games and activities that are perfect for families, kids and adults. The best part? Most require little to no preparation or equipment, so you can just focus on having a great time outdoors!

As an avid camper, I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to make our trips even more memorable and enjoyable for the whole family. Over the years, I’ve discovered that having a good mix of active outdoor games, engaging group activities, and relaxing downtime diversions is the key to keeping everyone happy at the campground.

In my experience, the camping trips where we make an effort to play games together and truly connect as a family are the ones that stand out the most in our memories. There’s just something special about laughing, competing, and having fun together in the great outdoors that really strengthens our bond.

So without further ado, let’s dive into my top picks for fun family camping games that are sure to become new favorites on your next adventure in the wilderness!

Outdoor Camping Games for Active Play

First up, let’s talk about some classic outdoor games that are always a hit at the campground. These active games are perfect for getting everyone moving and burning off some energy during the day.

Horseshoes is a timeless camping favorite that’s easy to set up and play. Simply drive two stakes into the ground about 40 feet apart, and take turns tossing horseshoes (or rubber rings) at the opposite stake. You can play one-on-one or in teams.

Another fun option is ladder toss (also known as ladder golf). To play, you’ll need two ladder-shaped target racks and a set of bolas (two golf balls connected by a short rope). Players take turns tossing the bolas at the rungs of the ladder, trying to wrap them around for points. It’s a great game for developing hand-eye coordination.

For a bit more of a challenge, try cornhole (or bean bag toss). Set up two angled boards with a hole near the top, and divide into teams. Players take turns tossing bean bags at the boards, aiming for the hole. You score 3 points for getting the bag in the hole and 1 point for landing it on the board.

And of course, no camping trip is complete without a good old-fashioned game of frisbee. Bring along a disc or two and get creative – you can play catch, ultimate frisbee, or even make up your own frisbee golf course using trees and other natural landmarks as targets.

Campfire Games for Groups

Once the sun goes down and everyone gathers around the campfire, it’s the perfect time for some fun group games and activities. These fireside diversions are great for encouraging interaction, laughter, and friendly competition.

One of my personal favorites is “Two Truths and a Lie.” Each person takes a turn sharing three statements about themselves – two true facts and one lie. The rest of the group has to guess which statement is the lie. It’s a fun way to learn interesting tidbits about each other and sparks lots of lively discussion.

For a more active group game, try “Charades.” Split into two teams and take turns acting out words or phrases without speaking while your team tries to guess. You can use camping-themed words or come up with your own categories. It’s sure to result in lots of laughter and silliness.

“Would You Rather?” is another great conversation starter for around the campfire. Take turns posing hypothetical questions with two options, like “Would you rather roast marshmallows or hotdogs?” or “Would you rather sleep in a tent or under the stars?” It’s interesting to hear everyone’s preferences and reasoning.

Camping Board and Card Games

Board games and card games are perfect for camping downtime when you just want to relax at the campsite. There are endless options that are easy to pack and play outdoors.

Some of our family’s go-to camping board games include Yahtzee, Boggle, Scrabble, and Blokus. These classic games are easy to learn and fun for a wide range of ages. Just be sure to bring along a flat surface like a small folding table or tray to use as a game board.

For camping card games, you can’t go wrong with classics like Uno, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Old Maid. Or try a portable version of a popular game like Monopoly Deal or Scrabble Slam. A simple deck of playing cards also provides endless possibilities with games like War, Rummy, Solitaire, and more.

“I always recommend packing a variety of card games for camping trips,” says Josiah Weizenbaum, a camping enthusiast and seasoned Scout leader. “They’re affordable, compact, and provide hours of screen-free entertainment for kids and adults alike.”

Nature-Based Camping Activities

One of the best parts of camping is the opportunity to connect with nature. Incorporate the outdoors into your camping fun with some nature-based activities and wilderness pastimes.

Nature scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage kids (and adults) to explore their surroundings. Make a list of things to look for, like different types of leaves, animal tracks, wildflowers, birds, etc. See who can find and identify the most items on the list.

You can also try making some nature crafts using materials gathered from around the campsite. Use sticks, leaves, and flowers to make a collage or sculpture. Or press flowers and leaves between sheets of wax paper to create colorful window hangings for your tent or RV.

Stargazing is another wonderful camping pastime that connects you with the wider wilderness. Bring along a star chart or download an astronomy app, and see how many constellations, planets, and celestial objects you can identify in the night sky. It’s a awe-inspiring and educational activity.

Rainy Day Camping Entertainment

Even the best-planned camping trips can be derailed by unexpected rain sometimes. But don’t let the weather put a damper on your fun – just be prepared with some rainy day games and activities to enjoy inside your tent or RV.

Storytelling is a classic rainy day diversion. Take turns telling spooky stories, funny anecdotes, or make up an ongoing story together with each person adding a line. You can also bring along some books to read aloud or have a family book club discussion.

Puzzles are another great option for tent entertainment when the weather isn’t cooperating. Bring along a jigsaw puzzle or book of crosswords, word searches, sudoku, or brain teasers. Working on a puzzle together is a fun way to pass the time and exercise your mind.

Of course, you can also fall back on many of the board games and card games mentioned earlier for indoor fun. Or gather around a phone or tablet to watch a movie or show (just be sure to download it ahead of time if you won’t have a reliable internet connection at the campground).

No Equipment Needed Camping Fun

Finally, don’t forget that some of the best camping fun requires no preparation or equipment at all! There are plenty of games and activities you can enjoy with just your imagination and your fellow campers.

20 Questions is a classic game that’s perfect for camping. One person thinks of a person, place, or thing, and the rest of the group takes turns asking yes-or-no questions to try to guess what it is. It’s a great way to get everyone thinking and interacting.

Hide-and-Seek is another camping favorite that requires no equipment. Just set some boundaries around the campsite, choose a base, and start counting! It’s a fun way for kids (and adults) to explore their surroundings and get their heart pumping.

And of course, there’s nothing quite like simply sitting around the campfire telling stories, singing songs, and roasting marshmallows. Sometimes the best camping memories are made in these unstructured moments of just enjoying each other’s company in nature.

I hope this roundup of fun family camping games has given you some new ideas and inspiration for your next outdoor adventure. Remember, the most important thing is to relax, have fun, and make lasting memories together in the great outdoors!

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